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Pay Per Click (PPC) Services

This area is focused on paid (PPC) listings within search engines. If you are looking for the cheaper, but less accurate and predicable natural (organic) listings within search engines, then please go to our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) area.

In general, a truly successful website uses both organic SEO and paid SEM  for their overall internet marketing strategy. The PPC allows fast, focused and efficient marketing strategies, and Organic SEO allows you to get free traffic.

We have two methods of offering PPC – Percentage and Flat Rate.

For People Who Like Control – Percentage Program

The percentage method is the most common with larger corporations and very hands-on website owners/operators. You pay us a fee (based on hours worked) to set up the initial campaign, and then decide what you want your monthly budget to be.

We charge 15% of this in order to provide ongoing maintenance, testing and reporting. Because the fees come off our credit card, we require an initial deposit, so that you are always one month ahead.

Stoploss Program. Included free in our services is a stoploss program, where you can set a specific target conversion rate or cost that can’t be exceeded. If the amount of traffic on a specific keyword exceeds your pre-set limit without hitting your conversion targets, we automatically pause the keyword and notify you. A senior bid management consultant is then immediately notified in order to analyze the situation..

This is a very important safety feature, since click fraud or even breaking news stories can suddenly cause a previously stable keyword to begin to spin out of control. This can also happen if there is a problem with your site and it’s preventing people from making a purchase. The stoploss program helps minimize the damage to your reputation and the costs that can result from this type of situation.

We will coach you on how to set the best stoploss criteria and bidding levels if you wish, for no extra cost.


A client wants 20 keywords and wants to spend no more than $5000 per month.

Initial Campaign: Each keyword requires up to 4 ads written, plus research into the best keywords to choose, as well as which PPC engines to use, what geolocations and timeframes are best, what delivery methods are needed (pure search, content delivery or both) and what types of phrase matching to use.

All of this takes time, and is not directly related to the monthly spend. Therefore, we charge an hourly fee to set all this up. It’s usually around $10/keyword, but this is not the too accurate, since sometimes we could spend a lot of time on one really important keyword, or very quickly go through some simple ones. In this case, Let’s say it’s $250.

As part of this process, we have also determined the likely cost if you wanted as much traffic as you could get with the keywords, based on the current bids your competitors are making and how many people are searching every day. We can now advise you based on real data what the likely results will be based on how much you spend and how aggressive you want to be.

Lets say that you decide that you want to be at an average position of 3-5 for your keywords, since that gives you the most exposure for the cheapest cost for these particular keywords and industry. You still don’t want to spend more than $5000/month total.

No problem. We allocate $5000/month (less 15% for management fee) for PPC. We then set up the bidding system to match what you want.

You would give us a total initial deposit of $5250 ( Monthly fee + Setup ) and then pay $5000 every month thereafter. You would get ongoing reports, as well as continual ad copy testing, troubleshooting, and other services, including us phoning up the search engine representative and talking to their staff on your behalf if there is a problem. Since the market changes all the time, we will need to continually monitor and adjust the account for you.

For People Who Like It Simple – Flat Rate Program

The flat rate program is very popular with small businesses and people who want to focus on what they do best, leaving the professionals¬† to do their own job. It’s simple, safe and effective.

You decide what your main keywords are, and how much traffic you want to come to your site, and how much you want to pay for that traffic. We take care of all the other details. You monitor your own logs to make sure that we are delivering the traffic, and you monitor your sales to make sure that it’s good traffic.

That’s it. You pay a set fee every month, and we send as much qualified traffic to your site as possible for that fee. If you are unhappy, you fire us. No constantly reading reports, no dealing with search representatives, no constantly approving everything our people do. Just look at the bottom line. If you are paying $2000, and are getting $5000 worth of business every month, then that’s all you need to worry about.

Behind the scenes, we will be automatically doing the same things that we do for the percentage campaign, but you will not need to worry about all the details except the important ones – how much am I spending, and what am I getting for it?

This program, like the Percentage Program, automatically comes with a stoploss system in it as well. We do everything for you.


You decide that you want to spend no more than $5000 per month. You give us some of the keywords you think are relevant to your site and we take it from there. You get reports every month. Simple.